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This party was in the bag!

When you go to a party in the only free-standing Patricia Nash store in the world, you are going to be tempted! Not only by the wide range of beautiful Italian leather offerings on display in the spacious showroom, but … Continue reading

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Tar Heel trained, Knoxville’s gain

You wouldn’t think it from reading his editorial cartoons in the News Sentinel, but Charlie Daniel is really a sweet, quiet and unassuming guy. With a wicked sense of humor, of course. I have known Charlie for more than 30 … Continue reading

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Get thee to the Show House!

You still have a week to grab some friends and make a day of visiting the Knoxville Symphony League’s Show House. Conveniently located on Legacy Cove Way in the Rocky Hill neighborhood, this year’s Show House offers an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Nervous about entertaining? Do it anyway.

Don’t let fear of not being perfect prevent you from entertaining in your home. Gatherings of family and friends provide real nourishment beyond that contained in the food. Hospitality makes memories. That was the message that cookbook author and lifestyle … Continue reading

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Symphony Ball: In a League of its own

You don’t normally expect to see a bagpiper and cloggers at the elegant Knoxville Symphony Ball at Cherokee Country Club, but since the theme this year was “A Tennessee Christmas,” it seemed appropriate. The ball every year is the signature … Continue reading

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Symphony Ball sparkles with diamonds and dancing

Even though the annual Symphony Ball falls right in the middle of the holiday season and always on the same night as the Southeastern Conference football championship, it still draws an impressive crowd to Cherokee Country Club. Sponsored by the … Continue reading

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Summer Suppers wind down; Elegant Dining starts

The Knox Heritage Summer Suppers are over, but I still have a few posts about them to help us make it until they start again in June of 2015. In the meantime, the Knoxville Symphony League’s Elegant Dining Series will … Continue reading

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On turkey hunting and classical music (Yep!)

What do turkey hunting and classical music have in common? The Venables and their friends! It was more than a sellout at the lakefront home of Frank and Lisha Venable a few weeks ago when News Sentinel columnist Sam Venable … Continue reading

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All in the details at 2013 Symphony Show House

Thanks to Tami Hartmann of Moxley Carmichael for writing this guest post for the Blue Streak — Cynthia Moxley. Do you have a stairway from your closet to an out-of-season storage room? How about a stage built into the children’s … Continue reading

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Tree and Vine shop reports phenomenal success; Knox Symphony supporters enjoy its products

How’s this for a creative fundraising theme? Middle Eastern food served in an art gallery. Gourmet olive oil and vinegar tastings. And a Knoxville Symphony Orchestra quartet! They called it “sense-sational” because it appealed to all the senses. Cute. It … Continue reading

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