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“Pip” marries “Joey Ovens!” Great food follows!

Our friend Laura Seery Cole’s father, John Seery Sr., is from New Jersey and he has a nickname for everyone. When Laura was a little girl, he called her “Pip,” which was short for “pipsqueak.” A few years ago, Laura … Continue reading

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Cheers! Hundreds poised for Downtown Home Tour

If you are in downtown Knoxville tomorrow, expect to see about 450 folks earnestly pounding the sidewalks with thin grey booklets in their hands. Don’t get in their way! They have a lot of ground to cover. It’s the Downtown … Continue reading

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Old friends hail “Caesar’s Garden!”

When Dr. Doug Leahy recently attended an auction at his church, the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, he placed the winning bid on a private tour for 16 people of Dorothy and Caesar Stair III’s beautiful garden.  Of the two … Continue reading

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Knox Symphony makes good on its “License to Trill”

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a fancy fundraiser at a swanky country club as much as the next person. But sometimes, let’s be honest, they can get a little stale. That’s why I thought it was refreshing last year … Continue reading

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Gwen McKenzie honored by Ethel Beck Society

Knoxville City Council Member Gwen McKenzie was honored last Saturday at the Ethel Beck Society Brunch, a sold-out female-only event hosted by the Beck Cultural Exchange Center. McKenzie was the first Black woman to be elected to Knoxville City Council … Continue reading

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The biggest star of the Big Ears Festival? Knoxville.

The 11th Big Ears festival ended its 4-day run late Sunday and one thing was very clear. Although there were quite a few musical and creative luminaries on the playbill, the biggest star of all was the city of Knoxville. … Continue reading

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A joyful smorgasbord of food and music

I think of the Knoxville Symphony League‘s “Symphony Soiree” every year as an elevated potuck — in both the dinner and the entertainment departments. You never know what you are going to get — but you know it’s going to … Continue reading

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Beloved manager of downtown theaters retires big!

The hardest working man in show business retired earlier this month and, boy, what a party that generated! Tom Bugg was general manager of both the Bijou and Tennessee Theatres for nearly two decades doing everything from dealing with artists … Continue reading

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Great news! “Knoxville” is coming to Knoxville!

In a sweet little lunch gathering this past Saturday, Clarence Brown Theatre leadership gave supporters an update on construction on the new Jenny Boyd Carousel Theatre and announced plans for the upcoming theater season. And that’s where the big news … Continue reading

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Sentimental “ghost light” ceremony brings tears, signals changing times for UT’s cherished Carousel Theatre

A “ghost light” in the theater world is a single incandescent light that remains lit when the theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. It is usually placed center stage on a portable stand. The practical use of … Continue reading

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