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Next Symphony season: new, American & diverse!

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Music Director Aram Demirjian announced the 2020-2021 classical music schedule to season ticket holders last night — and boy is it a doozy. “Next season is the clearest realization of what I envisioned the Knoxville Symphony would … Continue reading

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Doctors by day; rockers at night

Talk about seeing doctors in a whole new light! Five local rock and roll cover bands — all featuring area physicians — battled it out this past Saturday at the 15th annual Doc Rock event to raise money for local … Continue reading

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A great New Year’s resolution for event planners!

Tina Knight, the brand storyteller for Moxley Carmichael, previously served as manager of internal communications for Discovery, Inc. Tina shared for In Any Event what she learned as a corporate event planner – and how much EventCheckKnox would have helped. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! We cruised into 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a great time bidding adieu to 2019 and welcoming 2020. We definitely did. As downtown devotees, we usually end up in one form or fashion on Market Square for New Year’s Eve, … Continue reading

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‘Job Well Done’ party honors Mayor Rogero

There sure have been a lot of fun holiday parties this year. But one of the best ones had nothing to do with the holidays at all. It was the “Job Well Done” party that Nikitia and LeRoy Thompson threw … Continue reading

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Moxley Carmichael dives into Christmas

Several years ago we moved the Moxley Carmichael staff holiday party out of downtown Knoxville and into Sevier County to support our neighbors after devastating fires gutted tourism there for a while. We knew they needed our business in the … Continue reading

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Come for the history, stay for the hippopotamus

It has become one of our favorite holiday traditions to attend the annual Christmas fundraiser at Blount Mansion in downtown Knoxville. During this evening, guests get to see the handiwork of The Knoxville Garden Club, which decorates the historic home … Continue reading

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Thankful for downtown living, despite a few drawbacks

My friend and client Roy Cockrum won the Tennessee Lottery — and a $153 million lump sum payout — five years ago. So, he literally could live anywhere he wants in the entire world. Guess where he chooses to live? … Continue reading

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Georgiana’s book is like a comfortable chat

When a seasoned journalist writes a book — especially one who has covered politics for the better part of five decades — you might expect a hard-hitting expose. Or, at least some breaking news. But, if you sit down to … Continue reading

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‘Nobody invites a chef to dinner.’

Hats off to my friend Gay Lyons. Sometime this summer when Gay and her friend Laura Cole were having dinner at the chef’s counter at the downtown eatery J.C. Holdway, chef owner Joseph Lenn came over to chat with them. … Continue reading

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