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Reservations about reservations

One of our favorite restaurants, the Bistro at the Bijou, does not take reservations. Another of our favorites, Citico’s, ONLY takes customers by reservations. And a third, Knox Mason, used to not take reservations, but now they do! Same with … Continue reading

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Iron skillet evangelist: ‘The only pan you’ll ever need.’

A 12-inch Lodge cast-iron skillet was one of the most popular wedding gifts in the United States last year, according to Zola, a wedding planning and registry service. In fact, it was THE most requested wedding gift in seven states … Continue reading

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Leadership Knox Class of ’93: still going strong

Every Leadership Knoxville class is special. But to all of you classes who think you are “the best class ever,” I have one thing to say to you: Call me in 26 years! That’s how long my Leadership Knoxville class, … Continue reading

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Cancer Society event raises hope — and lots of money

For a few festive hours on Friday night, you easily could have felt as if you were in Cuba — without leaving downtown Knoxville! The Press Room, the beautiful event center at 730 N. Broadway, was transformed through lights, music, … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! The new Knox Mason opens Thursday!

Finally! One of our favorite Knoxville eateries is reopening in a fabulous new location. As all Knoxville foodies know, chef-owner Matt Gallaher closed his tiny — but awesome — restaurant called Knox Mason located on the 100 block of Gay … Continue reading

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Clinton 12 honored for high school heroism

Another Urban League Equal Opportunity Awards Gala has come and gone. Yes, the music, decorations, camaraderie and dancing were fun. But, the real hit of the evening? The presence of two members of “The Clinton 12,” who received the Whitney … Continue reading

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Another enchanting ‘Evening Under the Stars’

If it’s October, it must be time for one of the most enjoyable fundraisers of the season. “Evening Under the Stars” is a night of great music, great food and great camaraderie. And, as a big bonus, here’s what it … Continue reading

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People who live in glass houses

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous “glass house” built on a cliff in South Knoxville’s Lakemoor Hills neighborhood by longtime University of Tennessee architecture professor William Starke Shell. He donated it to the Knoxville Museum of Art when he … Continue reading

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For Diana Salesky, music is a family affair

I don’t know what you do when you get together with your 89-year-old father. But my friend Diana Salesky and her siblings spend their quality time with Dad by organizing a classical music performance — with him as conductor. A … Continue reading

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Harper in the Hall has a nice ring to it!

It was a beautiful day in Tampa and Kellie Jolly Harper, there for a meeting, was playing phone tag with University of Tennessee Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer. She knew he was calling to tell her the results of the … Continue reading

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