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A swarm hit downtown Thursday. Did you notice?

You didn’t, did you? That’s what I was afraid of. Sigh. A swarm is a group of people (hopefully 50) trying to earn the “swarm” badge on the social networking site Foursquare. There was an attempt Thursday by a group … Continue reading

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Tomatoes from Market Square Farmers’ Market are stars of impromptu party, web broadcast

If you stay flexible, sometimes great opportunities come along. I was reminded of this last week when I picked up a voice message Wednesday evening from my friend Gay Lyons. “Call me as soon as you can,” the message said. “I want to invite … Continue reading

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“1,000 Strong:” Mothers, daughters and best girlfriends join forces to raise $100,000

Well, THIS was an invitation I couldn’t pass up! Mary Ellen and Nell Brewington and Sheryl and Lauren Sampson decided to invite 50 women over for a very special cocktail party at the Brewingtons’ Sequoyah Hills home on the lake. … Continue reading

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Clear new focus of Scripps newspapers: “Create great content and sell the crap out of it!”

The other day, Rusty Coats, the new vice president for content and marketing for the E.W. Scripps Company, shed some light on the recent reorganization of the firm’s newspaper division, which includes the Knoxville News Sentinel. And, he revealed that … Continue reading

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One little tweet = big look at downtown bus parking

“I don’t know why these giant white tour buses are outside my door, but I’m getting dang tired of hearing them idle and sigh. This is my home.” That was the frustrated tweet posted near bedtime on August 28 by CocoHolder, whose … Continue reading

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Moxley Carmichael launches the New Streak

Although the Blue Streak sometimes discusses new media and journalism and public relations, it’s really a blog about Knoxville and Knoxville happenings. We at Moxley Carmichael thought we also needed an outlet for discussing the exciting things going on in … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned from “Blue Streak” readers

People have a strong response to anything written about downtown. People like really personal stories about others in the community. Damn spammers will try to attach their links to anything! These are just some of the interesting tidbits I’ve picked up … Continue reading

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New media delivers business, fun – and hope

We are all about new media here at Moxley Carmichael. I started twittering in May ’08 and got on Facebook shortly thereafter. We have this blog and are about to launch a second one. We were the first PR firm … Continue reading

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Top media execs on effect of new media: who knows?

Four Knoxville media heavyweights agreed on one thing Thursday when discussing the impact of “new media” on their businesses: they don’t have a clue what’s going to happen. Jeff Lee, general manager of WBIR, the number one TV station in … Continue reading

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