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Best kind of history class: no exam (and cocktails!)

Like So how’s this for a creative idea for a fundraiser? Knox Heritage every year asks photographers to take pictures of historic buildings in a different part of Knoxville. It then selects the 12 best photos and makes a set … Continue reading

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An evening in a French garden

Like Is this a new trend around here? Or have I been missing out all these years? It seems that we in Knoxville just cannot get enough of garden parties these days! Every other day, Alan and I are checking … Continue reading

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MLK weekend: Madly Leaving Knoxville

Like Basically, our annual “girls’ trip” this year consisted of lurching from one awesome Chattanooga restaurant to the next with the time in between spent trying to get hungry again! I’m not kidding. We believe this is our 19th year … Continue reading

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A course in simplicity and sophistication

Like This guest post is by Amanda Shell, who works with us at Moxley Carmichael. She attended this wonderful event last night at G&G Interiors, an elegant new client of ours. Thanks, Amanda! – Cynthia Moxley Simplicity is the ultimate … Continue reading

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It’s October! Why aren’t you at Carver’s Orchard?

Like I interviewed famous sportscaster Lindsey Nelson once. He had traveled the globe in his career, so I asked him his favorite place. “There is no prettier place on Earth than East Tennessee in October,” he responded. I agree with … Continue reading

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A downstream view of Boomsday

Like Happy Labor Day, everyone! Hope you got to see the fantastic fireworks last night. I swear, that’s just one more great thing about Knoxville: we have the best fireworks shows! Every year, we try to get together with a … Continue reading

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We could’ve used another 20 years of Don Sproles

Like Don Sproles, the gentle guy who gave up his career as a lawyer to join his wife, Karen, in running a successful Knoxville restaurant business, was remembered in a memorial service yesterday at the Episcopal Church of the Good … Continue reading

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Picnic on “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” offers insights into one of Appalachia’s biggest boosters

Like Fifty of us were on a bus the other evening on the way to Gibson Station, Virginia, to a picnic at a farmhouse owned by Pete and Cindi DeBusk. It was one of Knox Heritage‘s fun Summer Supper fundraisers. … Continue reading

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Our New York City Easter: three great plays, four fabulous restaurants — and a sobering conclusion

Like Alan and I love New York City. So, on December 31st last year, when I suddenly realized my chance to redeem some airline points was going to expire within hours, I jumped on the phone and booked two round-trip … Continue reading

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“Snow Day” provides warm nourishment, a low-key Friday, and funds for a good Knoxville cause

Like After a hellish 10 days of fighting rain, hail, mud and snow on the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” build site in West Knoxville, Alan and I were ready for a little down time when last Friday rolled around. We … Continue reading

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