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Potlucks feed friendships — for 23 years

Leadership Knoxville is an intense 10-month program during which participants get to learn more about our community and its leaders. There are two overnight trips involved — one is orientation and the other is a visit to the state capital … Continue reading

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Boyds blend pets, politics and business

Jenny and Randy Boyd welcomed about 100 Leadership Knoxville alumni to their elegant west Knox County home recently where they participated in a wide-ranging discussion that covered subjects from politics and education to pets, music and sports. The occasion was … Continue reading

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Lions and tigers and leaders, oh my! Zoo safari reunites Leadership Knoxville graduates

One of the keys to the success of the Leadership Knoxville program — now in its 28th year — is the continued involvement of the more than 1,000 alumni of the program. To that end, once a year, all past … Continue reading

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Ashley Capps on becoming a concert producer, what makes Bonnaroo special, and his fave acts there

So you’ve heard and read and seen on TV so much about the Bonnaroo music festival, right? You know that music promoter Ashley Capps of Knoxville is the “father” of Bonnaroo, of course. But wouldn’t you like to ask a … Continue reading

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Leadership Knoxville: not all about the knowledge

As a former newspaper reporter, I am something of a skeptic. That’s probably why I became a reporter in the first place. So it’s perhaps understandable that, 18 years ago, when I was selected to be in that year’s Leadership … Continue reading

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Want to keep a group bonded for years? Try this unique kind of potluck party.

This is a recipe for a party to have every year if you want to keep a diverse group of people together for the long haul. The reason I know about it is that my Leadership Knoxville class, the Class of … Continue reading

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