Sertoma Center honors Jenny and Randy Boyd with ‘Lifetime of Love Award’ — and a fun party!

Honorees Jenny and Randy Boyd. Yep, he’s wearing a kilt! He owns four of them!

The folks at the Sertoma Center of Knoxville, which provides opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve their fullest potential, didn’t let a little global pandemic dampen their fundraising party plans!

They moved their annual Friendship Dinner, which this year honored Jenny and Randy Boyd for their longtime support, to an outdoor location and embraced a Scottish theme in a nod to the Boyds’ Scottish heritage. Dinner was catered by Jenny’s Old City restaurant, Boyd’s Jig & Reel, which, Jenny said, does not usually do such big catering jobs. Still, folks loved the victuals.

The evening was really sweet — and successful. “You are the essence of Sertoma,” said State Sen. Becky Massey to the Boyds, in taped remarks from Nashville where she was in the final week of the first half of the Tennessee General Assembly’s 112th session. Massey knows what she’s talking about. She worked for more than 20 years as executive director of the Sertoma Center.

In a touching part of the evening, broadcaster Hallerin Hilton Hill interviewed two of Sertoma Center’s clients, which really brought home what the night was all about.

The Tennessee Amphitheater at World’s Fair Park made for a convenient — but safe — outdoor location.

The evening began with cocktails and music.

Russell Biven and Missy Kane.

From left, Marguerite Graham, Kelsey Holtzman and Amy Morton.

Great to see some KUB folks: from left, Tiffany Martin, Elba Marshall and John Williams.

And more KUB folks: from left, Gabriel Bolas, Jamie Davis, Charlie Gray and Andrew Hmielewski with Alan Carmichael (who is not with KUB!).

Music was by Sarah Pirkle, left, and Griffin Vann. They frequently play at Boyd’s Jig & Reel.

Look, someone else was wearing a kilt! Beth Haynes with Marcus Hall.

Mike Smith, left, of the Sertoma Center, with broadcaster Jimmy Hyams.

Great seeing my friends Helen Hewitt, left, and Chris Kahn.

Dave and Sarah Echols Miller.

Haha! You could pose in this! It says, “Love Scotland? Kilt-y as charged!”

Master of ceremonies, Hallerin Hilton Hill.

Chad and Melissa Tindell.

From left, Randy and Jenny Boyd, Jeannie Dulaney, Wes Stowers and Missy Kane.

From left, Andrea White, Kyle Spence, John Temple and Carman Marshall.

Russ Jensen, left, with Alan Carmichael.

Susan Williams and former head UT football coach and athletics director Phillip Fulmer.

A bagpiper signaled everyone that it was time to sit down.

There were tables on the stage and trays for folks like us who were in the seats of the amphitheater.

Sen. Becky Massey spoke from Nashville about the Boyds’ generosity and support and presented them with the “Lifetime of Love Award.”

Hallerin Hilton Hill interviewed the couple. “Who doesn’t want a home?” Jenny said in explaining why they are involved with the Sertoma Center. Randy thanked Sen. Massey for helping get the state of Tennessee to help fund the multi-use stadium facility being proposed near downtown Knoxville. Boyd is owner of the Tennessee Smokies, who will play there if it is built.

The evening closed with Jimmy Hyams interviewing Phillip Fulmer. The most surprising thing from the longtime head football coach: his favorite sport is baseball!


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  1. Susan Williams, on May 14th, 2021 at 6:39 pm said:

    Thanks for the pic of Coach Fulmer and me! Thought Lee Freeman and his crew did a great job under difficult circumstances!

  2. Cynthia Moxley, on May 27th, 2021 at 10:39 pm said:

    Absolutely agree, Susan!

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