Coach Pruitt scores with Knox leaders

Dr. Jerry Punch, left, interviews Coach Jeremy Pruitt, center, and Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer on stage at the reception. Punch, a sports broadcaster who was with ESPN for 32 years, lives in Knoxville. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

With the University of Tennessee football season starting in about a month, you can feel the excitement growing in the Knoxville air with each passing day. I see more people wearing orange. And I definitely hear more discussion of the team and its prospects.

Jim Haslam, of sponsor Pilot Flying J, introducing the panel. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

This seemed like a good time to look back on a welcoming reception held earlier this summer for business and community leaders to get to know Coach Jeremy Pruitt a little better — and to welcome Phillip Fulmer to his position as director of athletics .

The reception, held at The Mill & Mine, which was a perfect, fun venue for the event (and a Moxley Carmichael client), was sponsored by five of Knoxville’s best corporate citizens: Pilot Flying J, First Tennessee Bank, UT Medical Center, Cherokee Distributing Company and Regal Entertainment. Jim Haslam made welcoming remarks. National broadcaster — and Knoxville resident — Dr. Jerry Punch moderated a discussion with Pruitt and Fulmer.

Cherokee Distributing Company provided all the beer; Holly’s Eventful Dining did the catering; and Moxley Carmichael was honored to be in charge of the evening.

The calm before the storm!

Gotta get your name tag! From left, Lydia Bailey, Caroline Duggan, Maria Cornelius and Amy Barger, all with Moxley Carmichael. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Ronda and Joe Landsman, Tami and Bruce Hartmann. Joe and Bruce are with event sponsor UT Medical Center.

Steve and Mary Ellen Brewington with Coach Jeremy Pruitt, center. Mary Ellen is with sponsor, Cherokee Distributing Company. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Margaret Stolfi, who manages The Mill & Mine, with Jeff and Paige Knight. He’s also with sponsor Cherokee Distributing Company. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Sandra Heinig, of sponsor Regal Entertainment, with UT Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer. (Photo By Pam Rhoades.)

Dave Miller, center, regional president of sponsor First Tennessee Bank, flanked by Coby Cooper, left, general manager of WATE-TV, and Brandon Parks of the Vol Network. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Flowers were so perfect, thanks to the Flower Pot!

Lots of mingling going on! (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Knoxville Vice Mayor Finbarr Saunders, Cathy and Former Knoxville Mayor Daniel Brown, and Jerry Askew. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Knox County Commissioners Dave Wright and Gwen McKenzie.

Dan and Kathy Hamilton with state Rep. Rick Staples, right. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Bob Griffitts of Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s office, Phillip Fulmer, Bette and Richard Bryan. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Jacob Kulhanek, Nick Lawrence and Marty Gibbs, all of The Christman Company. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Margie Nichols and John Gill with Dr. Walter and Lynne Fain. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Duane Grieve, Sara and Ben Pinnell. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Ramona and Jeff Dew with Coach Jeremy Pruitt. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Cornbread muffins with jalapeno pimento cheese (said to be Coach Pruitt’s favorite food!).

What a spread!

Checkerboard biscuit spread: white and sweet potato biscuits with pork tenderloin and tomato jam. Damn! (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Cute “football” strawberries!

Gay Lyons, left, with caterer extraordinaire Holly Hambright.

Knoxville Police Chief (at the time) David Rausch, left, with state Sen. Randy McNally (also Lt. Governor of Tennessee).

Ralph and Celeste Herbert.

From left, Patrick Roddy, Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders, Coach Pruitt and Jimmy Carter.

Municipal Judge John Rosson, left, with Sherry and Charlie Witt.

From left, Jim Haslam, Henny Weissinger and Congressman Jimmy Duncan.

Jeanette Carlson and Sam Brewington.

Dawn and Richard Ford with Mintha Roach, right.

Congressman Jimmy Duncan with Moxley Carmichael’s Pam Rhoades.

Rachel Ford with two Knoxville vice mayors: the current one, Finbarr Saunders, left, and the former one, Duane Grieve.

From left, Mary Ellen Brewington, Janet Testerman and Joey Creswell.

Cliff and Jacque Hawks.

From left, Dr. Jerry Punch, Coach Jeremy Pruitt and Director of Athletics Phillip Fulmer getting ready to take the stage. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Dr. Jerry Punch starting the program. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

“I think people were impressed that with Jeremy Pruitt, what you see is what you get,” Punch said later in reflecting on the program. “He looks, acts and sounds like a football coach. He is sincere, candid and very straightforward with regard to his opinions and answers. He is not about to cloud his answers with flowery rhetoric or confusing cliches. In that regard, he is cut from the same cloth as Vol legends Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer.”

Punch said that Pruitt’s openness and frank “tell it like it is” approach is refreshing for all to hear. “He also understands that he is blessed to have a Hall of Fame coach/mentor just down the hallway that is willing to listen and offer his advice and direction,” Punch said. “It seems this kind of mutual respect relationship between Pruitt and his boss Fulmer is reminiscent of the one between Fulmer and his former boss Doug Dickey. And we all know what they accomplished on their watch!”

Folks were rapt during the program. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Knox County Sheriff-elect Tom Spangler listening to the program. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

After the program, all three stuck around, posed for photos and mingled with the guests.

Cammie Cate poses with Phillip Fulmer.

Jerry and Joni Punch are friends with Moxley Carmichael’s Pam Rhoades, center.

Fulmer signing a football for Rick Campbell. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Jim Haslam with Coach Pruitt. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Phillip and Vicky Fulmer. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Susan and Mike Edwards.

Summer Tucker, left, and Tamara Crook. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Steve Cook, left, and David Jordan. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Scott Bird of Moxley Carmichael with our friends Carolyn and Rodney Neil. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Ronda and Joe Landsman. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Patrick Birmingham, left, of Covenant Health with his son, P.J. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Pat and Warren Carmichael. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Bill and Sharon Laing, left, with Richard and Bette Bryan.

Jim Haslam, left, and Phillip Fulmer. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Moxley Carmichael’s Charley Sexton, left, with Eric Barton and Annie Pentecost. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Knox County Commissioner Bob Thomas and his wife, Kim. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Cindy Atchley, left, and her mother, Sue.

From left, Andrea Piercy, Bart Lashley and Carrie Truax. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

First Tennessee’s Jim Atchley, left, with Alan Carmichael. Nice ties. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

John Gill, left, with Pat and Knox County Commissioner Dave Wright. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Steve and Mary Ellen Brewington with Paige and John Knight. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Mintha Roach and Pace Robinson. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Moxley Carmichael’s interns worked the event and did a great job. From left, Caroline Duggan, Ryan Hammitt, Chloe Latture and Lydia Bailey. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Cliff and Jacque Hawks with Bill Lyons, right. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Don and Teresa Johnson, left, with Mike and Kella Formont. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Duane Grieve with Kathy Darnell. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Greg and Jennifer Dunn. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Janet Testerman Crossley and Bill Regas. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Jason Lay, left, with Bret Meyers. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Jen and Jimmy Morgan. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Jim Atchley, Gary Underwood and Dr. Doug Leahy. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

From left, Kay Watson-Helton, Robert and Courtney Peace and Janice Wade-Whitehead. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Megan Stansbury, left, and Shelley Burns. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Mintha and Jon Roach with Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders, center. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

John Gill, left, with Carolyn and Dick Moran. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

John and Susan Williams. (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)

Moxley Carmichael’s John McCulley, left, and Charley Sexton. Great job, guys! (Photo by Pam Rhoades.)



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  1. Rusha Sams, on July 30th, 2018 at 8:14 pm said:

    Lots of great photos as always, Cynthia! And it’s terrific to see so many people excited about Knoxville and the Vols. Looking forward to the new season.

  2. Cynthia Moxley, on July 30th, 2018 at 9:18 pm said:

    Rusha: Thanks! We are looking forward to it, too! And we know we always see you and Bert in October, which we also are looking forward to!

  3. Shelley Burns, on August 3rd, 2018 at 4:14 pm said:

    Can’t wait for football season to start! Thank you for the invite. It was a great event and love the enthusiasm for our new football staff!

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