‘Symphony Soiree:’ a sprightly shindig!

Violinist Sean Claire with his sushi-rice salad. Clever!

One of the best of the Knoxville Symphony League‘s “Elegant Dining” fundraisers is the one every year featuring the culinary talents of the musicians themselves. Held earlier this month in the Great Hall at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral downtown, “Symphony Soiree” was a sellout with a waiting list.

In a low-key and relaxed environment, the musicians bring covered dishes they have made themselves. Members of the League supplement by providing a smorgasbord of desserts. Wine and tea flow. (Mostly wine.) After dinner, everyone sits back to enjoy a variety show of musical talent that might not be what you’ve come to expect from symphonic players.

All-in-all, it’s a recipe for a fabulous time. I think the $85 price tag is too low.

Violinist Zofia Glashauser and percussionist Michael Combs welcome guests.

From left, Ralph Cianelli, Jane Venable and Rick Fox. Rick is the incoming board chair of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Jane is a member of the League’s executive committee.

From left, Ron Hall, Robert York and Kim Cunningham. Kim is co-chair of all the Elegant Dining events. What a job!

League member Elizabeth Offringa and Sande MacMorran, who recently retired as principal tuba with the Knoxville Symphony after 49 years.

A look at a small portion of the food!

It was great seeing our downtown neighbor Georgiana Vines there with her daughter, Carla Winchester.

Symphony League Board Member Carmella Stair arranging some sliders. Yum!

From left, Linda and John Haynes, Soo Cha Griffith and Nan Scott. All the ladies are with the League.

More food!

Susan Seymour and Jim Brown.

From left, Steve Rutledge, Regulo Stabilito and Ayca Yayman, who plays oboe with the Symphony.

Sarah Fellenbaum, who plays trumpet, and her daughter, Kiri.

Linda and Larry Blair.

Kim Cunningham and Rick Fox with Becky Benedict, right, the chair-elect of the Symphony League.

Jeff Marcus and Amelia Hamilton.

Gayle Burnett, left, and Amanda Dotson.

David and Wendy Lambert.

Lord, the desserts!

From left, Becky Benedict, Raisa Killeffer and Joann Johnson.

League Board members Debbie Emery, left, and Robin Smith.

Here’s how we were summoned to sit down for dinner! That’s Shawn White and Sarah Fellenbaum.

Tyler Janow, left, and Dr. Anthony Wilson.

Terry Finnerty, left, and Dolores Marsden.

Katherine McDonough and Peter Osickey.

Gil and League Board member Edie Volk.

Alan Carmichael, left, and Lewis Brewer.

It was an engaged crowd.

My plate. Embarrassing!

Centerpieces were cute — and appropriate.

League Board member Audrey Duncan was the emcee.

Ayca Yayman and Steve Rutledge performed a few rock oldies.

From left, Sean Claire, Mary Ann Fee Fennell, Alice Stuart, Andy Bryenton, Zofia Glashauser and Elizabeth Farr.

Samuel Chen, left, and Josh Walker.

Maria Castillo.

Jorge Variego introducing a number.

Andy Adzima plays percussion with the KSO. Can’t you tell from his tie?

When Officer Dunn walked in, some of us thought he might be a stripper! But, no. He was an actual police officer! That’s Dolores Marsden, left, and Terry Finnerty with him.

The evening closed with a little audience participation:



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3 Responses to ‘Symphony Soiree:’ a sprightly shindig!

  1. Georgiana Vines, on March 21st, 2023 at 7:49 pm said:

    It was lots of fun. Loved all the volunteers who helped play the drums and other instruments for “Rocky Top.”

  2. Larry and Linda Blair, on March 23rd, 2023 at 3:33 pm said:

    One of our favorites. Thank you Soiree hosts for a fantastic event.

  3. Cynthia Moxley, on March 23rd, 2023 at 10:59 pm said:

    Georgiana and Blairs: This event is one of the League’s best, I agree. And it wouldn’t be the big success it is without a ton of great volunteers. So much fun.

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