Everyone’s 4th: food, fireworks, dogs, right? Ours, too!

Haha. We had to keep an eye on Mazie, who was keeping an eye on the brisket!

Alan and I took COVID-19 very seriously. Therefore, prior to getting vaccinated, we had a limited number of social engagements — for over a year. Now, it’s funny. But I find myself almost giddy when I am involved in any kind of gathering or celebration.

The Fourth of July is a particularly fun-loving holiday. It’s not long and drawn-out like the Christmas season is. You don’t have to give anything up, as you do during Lent, which precedes Easter. It’s just a fun, social day in the middle of summer. You can debate the politics of it if you choose, but this year, we chose not to. We just enjoyed being with friends, raising a couple of toasts and digging into delicious barbecue and celebratory desserts.

Some of the folks at the gathering were old friends we haven’t seen since before we shut down in March of 2020. Big thanks to Judith and Michael Foltz for pulling the whole thing together.

Was your Independence Day different this year?

Our hostess, Judith Foltz, left, with Becky Page, her best friend visiting from Nashville.

Host Michael Foltz, right, with Alan Carmichael.

Loved the festive decorations the Foltzes put up at their Westmoreland Hills home. My favorite is those ants at top right!

City Councilman Andrew Roberto and his wife, Sarah, live a few doors down from the Foltzes. His re-election signs are everywhere in the subdivision. We didn’t see a single sign for his opponent, who is supported by the far, far right.

Loved meeting the Foltzes’ neighbors, Tracy and Chris Riedl. You may have seen him from time to time playing his bagpipes at community events.

I thought the old-fashioned appetizers were perfect. Cream cheese roll-ups, at top, and artichoke heart bites.

Liz Lyons tending the bar. She was serving a specialty cocktail that Michael called, “My Blue Concoction.” Unfortunately, guest Sam Maynard came up with an alternate title: “Tidy Bowl” due to the color of both liquids!

Tim Williams, left, and Bill Lyons.

Amy Williams holding her sweet doggie, Sam.

What a spread! It featured pulled pork and chicken from Sweet P’s. And fabulous tomatoes from an Amish farmers’ market in Nashville.

From left, Sam Maynard, Tim Allen, Karen Kluge, Sandi Swilley, Gay Lyons, Kim Henry and Bill Lyons.

Our sweet friend, Evelyn Miller, with Alan.

Desserts were over the top!

We left about 9 p.m. when it was getting dark. By the time we got to Cherokee Country Club on Lyons View Pike, we saw fireworks! We pulled over to watch. Here’s a short portion. Happy Summer, everybody!



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3 Responses to Everyone’s 4th: food, fireworks, dogs, right? Ours, too!

  1. Gay Lyons, on July 6th, 2021 at 3:09 pm said:

    What a fun Fourth of July party that was. Judith & Michael went all out with the decor, the food was delicious, the weather was absolutely perfect–but the best part was spending a few hours with friends.

  2. Kim Henry, on July 7th, 2021 at 7:30 am said:

    So much fun!

  3. karen kluge, on July 7th, 2021 at 10:17 am said:

    Judith and Michael are such gracious hosts. So great to celebrate a holiday with friends again.

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