Alison Krauss tickles Tennessee Theatre fans

Alison Krauss wowing them at the Tennessee Theatre recently.

So, the historic Tennessee Theatre is right in the middle of celebrating its “90 days for 90 years” anniversary extravaganza! There’s a lot of partying yet to be done. But one of the earliest and most festive events was a sold-out fundraising reception and concert featuring the dulcet tones of Alison Krauss, a crowd favorite around these parts.

Food, drinks and a fabulous concert made this one of the best fundraisers ever! Here are some photos of the festivities, but here’s also a list of some upcoming anniversary celebration events that are right around the corner:

  • Nov. 3: 90th anniversary open house.
  • Nov. 4: 90th anniversary silent film: Buster Keaton in “The Cameraman.”
  • Nov. 5: Mighty Musical Monday featuring the Tennessee Theatre’s new official organist, Freddie Brabson, and the Senior Center Singers.
  • Nov. 7: History talk with historian Jack Neely.

Surely, you can make some of these great events. More info is on the Tennessee Theatre website.

From left, Jim and Rhonda Clayton with Birgit Clark and Ashley Capps.

Tennessee Theatre Executive Director Becky Hancock, right, with Michael and Judith Foltz.

Annie and David Colquitt.

In the lobby, we ran into Tami and Tim Purcell.

Siblings Russ Watkins and Christi Branscom.

Rita Cohan and Mike Hammond.

Jenny Hines, left, and Dr. Susan Dodd.

Mariane Whittemore, left, and Sarah Trahern.

Jeannie Dulaney with my husband, Alan Carmichael.

Eric Smith and State Sen. Becky Massey.

Helen Harb and Russ Jensen.

Kathy Hamilton, left, and Helen Hewitt.

Pamela and Dan Chips.

Grant and Ann Hansen.

Rick and Jenny Blackburn with Becky Hancock, right.

Marsha Hollingsworth and Michael Combs.

Inside the auditorium getting ready for the show, Tami and Bruce Hartmann.


Alison Krauss killing it.


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  1. Becky Hancock, on October 25th, 2018 at 1:12 am said:

    Thanks Cynthia, it was a memorable evening launching an ambitious schedule of celebratory events! We were so fortunate (thanks to AC Entertainment) to have Alison Krauss at the Tennessee once again. I’m grateful for the community’s ongoing support of the Tennessee Theatre.

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