Burchett fundraiser fulfills on fun – and finances

Knox County Mayor Рand 2nd Congressional District candidate РTim Burchett gets a kiss from his daughter, Isabel.

Whereas many political fundraisers provide the attendees with a few cheese cubes and crummy donated wine in a drab banquet hall, the one three local couples had for Tim Burchett last week was over-the-top fun!

I guess it should have been, with the $1,000 per couple price tag and all. But it did not disappoint.

Held at the beautiful lakeside home of Steve and Becky South in the tony Harrison Keepe neighborhood, the cocktail party featured live music, a sumptuous buffet and a full bar. Speeches were kept to a minimum, and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and the lovely spring evening on the patio.

The best part? The event raised over $90,000. In addition to the Souths, the other hosts were Greg and Melissa Isaacs and Teddy and Christy Phillips.

The weather certainly cooperated!

Glenn Jacobs, who is expected to take Burchett’s place as Knox County mayor, dropped by to show his support. (Photo by Kelly Burchett.)

The candidate, center, with Steve and Becky South.

The Burchetts with all the sponsors. From left, Steve and Becky South, Kelly and Tim Burchett, Greg and Melissa Isaacs and Christy and Teddy Phillips.

From left, Tracy Thompson, Mitch Dickson and Steve South.

From left, Becky South, Paige Preston, Sharon Bosse and Martha Dolinak.

From left, Teddy Phillips, Thad Cox and Beecher Bartlett.

Elizabeth Cox, left, and Susan Thompson.

From left, Bruce Bosse, Tom Dolinak and Ron Emery.

Alex Skaalerud, left, with state Rep. Jason Zachary and Kelly Burchett.

Alan Carmichael, left, and Dugan McLaughlin.

Kim Kaegi, left, and Kendall Schell with Hash Hashemian, center.

Scott and Hope Davis.

Davis Mitchell delivered tunes aimed at the Baby Boomer audience — which we were!

Wow. Caterer Peter Glander of Knox Provisions really brought it!

Everything was delicious. And plentiful.

When it came time, Teddy Phillips welcomed everyone and introduced Burchett.

Friends listening.

Man hug.

Burchett told the audience he appreciated “your finances and your prayers.”

Republican Burchett, a former state representative, state senator and two-term mayor, concentrated his remarks around three issues:

Health care: “Health care in this country is a disaster, plain and simple,” he said. “It’s time for Congress to follow through and enact commonsense free-market policies.”

Veterans: “Veterans make up 1 percent of our population, but we owe them 100 percent of our freedoms,” he said.

Energy independence: “Energy is an economic issue, a jobs issue and a national security issue,” he said. “Instead of sending billions of dollars overseas to our enemies, let’s invest in domestic resources like Oak Ridge National Laboratory right here in our backyard. Let’s lift the restrictions on offshore drilling so Americans can enjoy the jobs and the energy right here at home.”

From left, Isabel Burchett, Joyce Burchett (Tim’s sister), Kelly Burchett and Greg Isaacs.

Burchett with Gene Hartman.

Be sure to vote. The Republican primary is Aug. 2.


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