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A good ‘thyme’ at the UT Gardens Gala

Well, it’s officially garden party season in East Tennessee. One of the first and largest of them is the UT Gardens Gala held in the sprawling UT Gardens — yep, the ones you pass on Neyland Drive on your route … Continue reading

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UT Gardens Gala: over-the-top food on a fun Friday

We go to a heck of a lot of events every year and sometimes they all kind of blend together. Very few stand out. But the UT Gardens Gala does. I’m not sure why, but there’s just something different about … Continue reading

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UT Gardens honor major donor — and peonies!

The weather gods smiled upon the UT Gardens Gala, thank goodness, as several hundred supporters gathered to raise money and also raise a glass or two to Henry McIlwaine Jr., whose generosity will fund a new pavilion on the Neyland … Continue reading

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Sam Beall’s important impact

There will be tons of media stories today and tomorrow about the passing of 39-year-old Sam Beall, father of five and proprietor of the world-renowned Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. Media outlets reported that Beall died late yesterday as the result … Continue reading

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Museum ‘Collectors’ find culinary masterpiece

We were reminded once again recently that if you pay attention and remain flexible, awesome cultural opportunities can come your way in our little part of the universe. The most recent example: a five-course dinner at Blackberry Farm complete with … Continue reading

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Biscuits, soul food and ‘coming out’

When you get a bunch of food writers, cookbook editors, chefs and other foodies together for a couple of days, the subject matter is going to be very diverse. The opinions are going to be strong. And there’s going to … Continue reading

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L’Amour du Vin: food, wine and a peek at the sky

Chef Patrick O’Connell, dubbed “the Pope of American cuisine,” knocked ’em dead earlier this month at L’Amour du Vin, the annual wine dinner and auction that raises funds for the Knoxville Museum of Art. But, equally mesmerizing to the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Kreis Beall: At Blackberry, the answer is always yes

“Thirty-six years have gone very quickly,” Kreis Beall told the 75 guests gathered on the tent-covered porch of her beautifully appointed Lyons View Drive home recently. That’s how long it’s been since Beall, then a 23-year-old mother of a four-month … Continue reading

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A perfect Friday: art, friends, caviar & wine

As my friend Dawn Ford remarked recently, “It’s great to eat caviar and drink wine in the middle of the afternoon.” Especially if the day is your birthday and you are at Blackberry Farm with a bunch of nice folks … Continue reading

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Boy, was Biscuitfest a blast!

There were pizza biscuits, bologna biscuits, orange cranberry streusel biscuits, and biscuits with jalapenos in them. There were celebrity chefs, including Michelle Bernstein and Nathalie Dupree, in addition to our own great chefs from Blackberry Farm. There were cooking demonstrations, … Continue reading

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